Shoulder Flexibility & Mobility

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Do you want to reduce your risk of shoulder injury? Perhaps you want to have the ability to move more effortlessly during your climbs? Do you wonder how restoring your natural shoulder range of motion can enhance your climbing potential?

If these thoughts have crossed your mind, then I admire your willingness to be proactive regarding the health of your body and your ability to see that improvements in climbing can come from optimizing the current state of your body and not just from training and climbing alone.

This Shoulder Flexibility + Mobility program was created for climbers who value the health of their shoulders and who perhaps have already identified that the current state of their shoulders is a limiting factor in their climbing potential. Climbing is a strong and demanding sport that can have a great impact on your shoulders, which is a surprisingly unstable joint considering the demands we consistently put them under. Tightness and imbalances in the shoulder can be common in climbers and using a targeted yoga practice is a great way to bring balance back to your shoulders.

This program includes a PDF to help guide you through the program, 4 yoga videos, and a BONUS range of motion test with accompanying worksheets.

Shoulder Flexibility + Mobility PDF - A simple guide that outlines each component of the program and lists the muscles that are involved with each particular shoulder movement.

Video 1: Flexion + Extension - A 10 minute practice that focuses specifically on the movements and muscles involved in flexion and extension. We’ll work on dissolving built up tension and target areas that are prone to limiting these movements.

Video 2: Adduction + Abduction - A 10 minute practice that focuses slightly on horizontal adduction, but mainly on shoulder abduction. Similar to flexion, abduction is another overhead movement that can become quite restricted in climbers. In this video we’ll focus mainly on the muscles and areas that may be limiting your ability to properly abduct your shoulders.

Video 3: Internal + External Rotation - A 15 minute practice focusing completely on internal and external rotation. We’ll move through several movements that will gently encourage the intricate muscles of the shoulders to move with more ease through their natural range of motion.

Video 4: Shoulder Inspired Yin Practice - A 25 minute passive practice that uses slow movements and longer hold times to effectively stimulate the deep yin connective tissues of the shoulder joint. Combining the yang videos above (videos 1-3) that focuses on the muscles, with a yin practice, that focuses on the joint, is an effective way to restore your natural range of motion.

BONUS Shoulder Range of Motion Test + Worksheets - In order to really take advantage of this program, it’s important to have a good understanding of the current state of your shoulder along with any existing restrictions and limitations in movement. In this short video you’ll move through your active ranges of motion and develop an understanding of why any limitations may exist. You’ll also have the opportunity to log your results in the worksheets that are provided at the end of the PDF. With this increase in awareness of your shoulder, you put yourself in an excellent position to move through this program.

  • You'll get...

  • PDF Guide + Worksheets
    19 pages
  • Yoga Video 1
    10 minutes
  • Yoga Video 2
    10 minutes
  • Yoga Video 3
    15 minutes
  • Yoga Video 4
    25 minutes
  • Bonus Video
    8 minutes
  • You'll get...
  • PDF Guide + Worksheets19 pages
  • Yoga Video 110 minutes
  • Yoga Video 210 minutes
  • Yoga Video 315 minutes
  • Yoga Video 425 minutes
  • Bonus Video8 minutes
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Shoulder Flexibility & Mobility

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